Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Everglades Cross

Yesterday was a huge day for tall guys in the world of cyclocross. Porkchop wins nationals and Big Twig Hank, gets a victory in FL. Now I'm not saying that one race is better or more deserving of praise than the other, but let's just say, some of the same things occurred in both races. I'm kidding of course.

Seriously though, congrats to former Floridian, Ryan Trebon for taking nationals for the second time. And also, to all the Floridacross guys who took the crusade to KC and represented well. 

Here's what you missed back on the home front; 
The folks at the Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City put together a wonderful day of racing and entertainment. The course was very fast and very open. It was mostly on some sandy dirt roads, a few light gravel sections, some good grass, and a nice paved uphill section. The most challenging section was an uphill grass climb that immediately turned down into a tough off camber turn. I won the men's A race after getting a gap on the double barrier section on the first lap. I really didn't mean to get away there but figured if I could get some separation, then I would be able to rest and see if anyone had the legs to come up and challenge me. 
The battle for 2nd through 5th was very animated with riders getting gaps and being pulled back continuously. Eventually on the last 2 laps, a separation was made and no major sprints were had. 
The course was much fun and the people supporting it were fantastic! Thank you to all who came out and let's all make sure that this venue continues and grows.