Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simply wonderful!


Clinton said...

I'm getting a Page Not Found on that link.

Anonymous said...

Jim Smart is THE MAN (with respect to 'cross in FL)

I'm a roadie who doesn't do well on technical, especially off-camber stuff. Hey, if 'cross were easy then everyone would do it.

Great course, good organization, great sponsors (free entry for JRs; how cool is that?). The race schedule was as accomodating as possible to out-of-towners.

Okay, okay enough with the gushing; everybody has a nit pick and this is mine. A sand pit has a nexus to a naturally occuring hazard but a concrete lip to case your wheel doesn't - maybe a board to get out of the sand?

Kudos, Kudos, Kudos

Steve Noble, Cyclehaus grand master

Anonymous said...

take the capitol C off cyclocross and use all lower case and it will work.