Sunday, December 16, 2007

Florida 'Cross 4: Sarasota

Well, we didn't get the mud we were hoping for, but the wind made Sunday's race another brutal race. The long pavement section offered no recovery, as it was directly into a headwind. The dry course did make the big hill ridable if you could keep your momentum up or gear down low enough.

In the Men's A race Phil Gaimon took the early lead and never looked back. Gary Yates chased hard for second place with Hank Campbell rounding out the top three. Keep an eye on Florida Cycling for complete results.

Big thanks to TNT racing for putting on another fine event. We'll get some photos up here soon. Got pictures or stories you'd like to share? Send 'em in!!


BCCyclistsFL said...

Nice job Steve Noble. You have my attention now. Lots of fun to be had. See everyone in 2008.

darrendowling84 said...

Awesome write up guys! Glad you all had some sick messed up fun! lol