Monday, December 24, 2007

Post-holiday Pirate 'Cross

Shiver me timbers and happy holidays! Work off some of those eggnog calories Sunday (12/30) at Riverfront Park overlooking downtown Tampa. Word is, a bunch of people with 'cross bikes might show up and ride around real fast. The park features an Amphitheater of Pain, several ups and downs and a huge sand pit. Parking is available at the South end of the park. The "Beginning point" is near the North end by the Baseball diamond.

This "event" starts at high noon, with festive cheer and libations to follow.

  1. This "ride" is not a race! No one is in charge.
  2. No Pit thus no spare equipment, carry what you need.
  3. Mandatory 1 lap pre-ride. Study the map, it isn't too difficult. Download it to your GPS!
  4. Pedestrians come first! Bells recommended.
  5. Don't cut corners when there is some sort of marking, otherwise choose your line.
  6. This "ride" is not a race! No one is in charge.
  7. $5 donations towards course marking materials.
  8. Bring spectators, the Amphitheater of Pain has views of 70% of the course.
  • Dec, 30th, Noon.
  • 8-10 laps
  • Beer and the Bucs at Four Green Fields or some other worthy establishment after.
  • First round is on first place, because that is where any extra money is going instead of a purse!
  • Pass this on to your friends.

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