Sunday, January 20, 2008

First pics and video from Largo 'Cross

What an awesome course! I don't know about you but it whipped my ass. Here's some pics from today. Click on the gallery below for a slideshow. Got some pics or vids you'd like to share? Send 'em in or forward a link!!


Anonymous said...

My lungs hurt again just thinking about how physically demanding that course was.

Lance Riddle knows how to lay out cyclo course.

Thank You Lance.


kelby said...

the course was definatly the most difficult/challenging of the series. almost too many turns and obstacles. sometimes too much of a good thing can be a little overkill. but all in all an excellent race and kudos to the largo crew for the best race of the year so far. please no rain next week!!

darrendowling84 said...

Awesome course... very euro.... prob why I love it and had a really good ride... well till my seat post went crack lol.... Bring on next week!!!

Bill said...

More pix from Largo.

Adam said...

Bill, these photos are awesome! Thanks!!