Monday, January 14, 2008

Let's talk Largo

I know most of you haven't even recovered from the wide-open Sarasota race yet but it's time to look ahead to the final course on the 07-08 calendar: Largo. The new course layout should level the playing field between the local racers and out-of-towners.

The course IS AT A NEW LOCATION this year. If you need the 411, you know where to find it. Or, download the race flyer [.pdf].

But this is the good stuff: Check out the beeeeee-utiful course map online here. This course has got it all. Long straights. Twisty wooded sections. Steep hills. Off-camber madness. I can't wait!

Rumor is a certain local cyclocross fanatic will be back in town to show us what he's learned in North Carolina.....

Stay tuned for more.


darrendowling84 said...

OMG! I cant wait a course that looks liek it will suite me!!!

jvossman said...

sand, steps and mud plus more turns than anything since Miami. Worth the trip.

See ya