Thursday, January 31, 2008

Questions about standings

I noted a few issues with the standings as I was getting them ready for publishing. I noticed the Mens A race was off in the results for the final race. I believe Dan finished second. Hank Campbell was also listed twice, so I combined his totals and it moved him to 3rd.

Please take a look at note any other things that look out of whack. Thanks.


Steven said...


Jeff Zipperer came in second in the final race. With double points, that gives him an additional 100, and makes him the Men's C Points Champion. He was accurately recognized as such at O'Houstons. BTW, I have my request in to USCF for a Cat upgrade, so I'll be slugging it out in the 1-3 race next year.

Arno said...

Why aren't the points from the last race multiplied by two?